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Troubleshooting Guide for Growatt Wi-Fi Modules


There are four types of Wi-Fi modules, the difference is shown on below chart:


2.1 Wifi device is not powering on

There is a blue LED Indicator near the KEY position, take out the black cover to check its status.
If it is off, it means it is not getting power.

Solution:Some models( (MTL-S) have a DIP switch at the right side of the RS232 port. Please turn the
pin1 to ON status, and keep pin 2 OFF. Please refer to the following picture:

If DIP switch 1 is set to ON, and even if change another Wifi module, the indicator is still off, probably it is
COM board problem, please change a new COM board.

2.2 Datalogger already exist

When you are adding the data logger but it shows the message,it means the datalogger is already occupied by an account.

Solution: If you don’t know which account is linked to this datalogger, please contact Growatt to find out.

Another possibility is the data logger has two accounts, one of which was used to add the data logger, if you have the account, you can login to delete.

1) Visit on your browser
2) Log in your account
3) Click Plant→ Device list→ Datalog→ Bin icon→ Yes, to delete the datalogger

Or you can delete from Shinephone APP:

1) Open Shine Phone and log in your account
2) Go to the main menu
3) Click plus ‘+’ at the top right→ Datalogger list
4) Press-hold the interface and a new window will pop up→Click Delete datalogger or configure

2.3 Connected successfully, but no device found

This problem will happen when you have a empty plant in your account.

Solution:Please delete the empty plant that has no device.

2.4 Time on the platform is wrong

2.4.1 Check and change it on ShineServer web page

1) Please click on the user centre,

2) You will see the plant details on the bottom of this page. Click edit icon

3) Please change the time zone of the local area.
you can also edit the feed-in tariff rate in the “capital income”box, and change the location of your system.

2.4.2 Check and change it on mobile ShinePhone APP

1) Please find and click ‘Me’ at the bottom right→Configuration of PV Plant→Geographic information
2) Please find and click ‘Edit’ at top right
3) Now you are allowed to enter your location information

Note: WIFi-E has time synchronous function, everytime datalogger connects to network, will synchronize
invert time automatically according to its time zone.

2.5 After resetting the password or replacing the router, the connection lost

The shinewifi or Wifi-E device will lose connection with the router, when the router is reset or the
password is changed.

Solution: Reset wifi-E through hold the “Key”button for 3 seconds until the LED light is steady.Then
configure as the usermanua

2.6 Forget server password

2.6.1 Solution: go to, click forget password, input your email or datalogger SN
and check code to get the reset email.

2.6.2 E-mail password forget too,can’t receive reset email

Solution: Please contact your local seller or Growatt to reset it for you. After you got the new
password,please go to user center to change your email.

2.7 Data upload interval shows messy code

Solution:The datalogger is broken, contact your local seller for a new one.

2.8 Data logger connects to router, but not connect to server

Solution: Disable router firewall or turn firewall protection level at Low

2.9 Data logger shows lost when connect to router, but shows connection with mobile hot spot

Description: shows lost when connected to router, but works well with mobile hot spot.

1) Use mobile as hotspot to connect datalogger to make sure it is in connection status on the server.
2) open and login
3) Click Edit data logger, set ip:, key is datalog+date, click save.
4) Recofigure datalogger on shinephone app with router

3.0 How to change my username.

You can create an username, then login the old username, go to user center-plant overview, click edit
button, and input your new username to transfer your inverter under your new username.

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