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GROWATT SPH 8000 TL3 BH-UP hybrid,8kw,2 mppt, 3 phase,<10ms


  • three-phase imbalance output
  • Smart phase-level power export limitation
  • Wide battery voltage 100-550V
  • UPS function, 10ms transition
  • Scalable system configuration
  • VPP interface ready
  • DC/AC type II SPD
  • 1.5 DC/AC Ratio





Safety Instructions

  • Please be clear which kind of battery system you want, lithium battery system or leadacid battery system, if you choose the wrong system, SPH can’t work normally.
  • During installation, Please don’t touch the other parts within the box.
  • All the electrical installation must comply with the local electrical safety standards.
  • Use the equipment to combined to grid needs to obtain the permission of local power supply department.
  • When install PV modules in the daytime, please turn off the PV switch, Otherwise it will be dangerous as high terminal voltage of modules in the sunshine.

Features:UPS function, 10 ms switching.Compact design for easier installation.3-phase output 100% phase imbalanced.Asymmetrical phase power flow management.LCD display with four buttons.Natural cooling without fans.Customizable charge and discharge times.Online smart service.Battery management system for safe operation.Battery charge status monitoring.IP65 protection rating.Growatt comprehensive warranty plan.10 year warranty



The cable of meter is suggested not longer than 15m. Because of this, you shouldconsider the cable length between SPH and combiner box.

The meter must installed in the L line.






Growatt Inverter

In Spain : 8.8KW Solar Storage System, Spain, this is family has installed Growatt’s solar energy storage system to increase PV self-consumtion and storge the energy for use at night.

Growatt Inverter

In New Zealand: Growatt now has the honor of witnessing the world’s first sunrise and harvesting the sun’s energy. Growatt has delivered a complete solar storage solution to a household in Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand

Growatt Inverter

Denmark: 3.6KW Solar Storage System Middelfart,Growatt Supplied complete solar storage solution to a family in Middelfart and helped cut their electricity bills.


Opole, Poland.Solar Storage System,In Opole, a family has moved to increase their PV self-consumption and energy independence by deploying Growatt’s solar storage solution





Q1: How to ch

Q1: How to choose a right inverter?
A1: Tell us your demand, then our sales will recommend a suitable inverter to you.

Q2: What’s the different between inverter and solar inverter?
A2: Inverter is only accept AC input, but solar inverter not only accept AC input but also can connect with solar panel to accept .
PV input, it more save power.

Q3: What is the warranty of inverter?
A3: For Growatt inverter it has 5 years warranty.

Q4: How can we guarantee quality?
A4: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment;

Q5:What’s the solar inverter?
A5:The solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

Q6:How many kinds of solar inverters can be divided into?
A6:Solar inverters may be classified into three broad types:Stand-alone inverters, Grid-tie inverters,Hybrid solar inverters.

Q7:What’s stand-alone solar inverters?
A7:Stand-alone solar inverters, used in isolated systems where the inverter draws its DC energy from batteries charged by photovoltaic arrays.

Q8:What’s grid-tie solar inverters?
A8:Grid-tie solar inverters match phase with a utility-supplied sine wave. Grid-tie inverters are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply, for safety reasons. They do not provide backup power during utility outages.

Q9:What’s hybrid solar inverters?
A9:Intelligent hybrid solar inverters, manage photovoltaic array, battery storage and utility grid, which are all coupled directly to the unit. These modern all-in-one systems are usually highly versatile and can be used for grid-tie, stand-alone or backup applications but their primary function is self-consumption with the use of storage.

Q10:What’s the different between inverter and solar inverter?
A10:Inverter is only accept AC input, but solar inverter not only accept AC input but also can connect with solar panel to accept PV input, it more save power.

Q11: What’s the solar pumping inverters?
A11: Advanced solar pumping inverters convert DC voltage from the solar array into AC voltage to drive submersible pumps directly without the need for batteries or other energy storage devices. By utilizing MPPT (maximum power point tracking), solar pumping inverters regulate output frequency to control the speed of the pumps in order to save the pump motor from damage.

Company Profile

Growatt was founded in 2010 and is a worldwide leader of smart energy solutions.

As a global leader of smart energy solutions, Growatt provides residential, commercial and utility-scale PV inverters, energy storage systems, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions. The company is dedicated to becoming the world’s largest supplier of smart energy solutions.





Growatt Inverter Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Solar Inverters Last?

Trouble Shooting Guide For Growatt Wi-Fi Modules

Weight35 kg
Dimensions55 × 50 × 25 cm


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