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Local Commissioning Solutions Provided by Growatt

In order to facilitate customers’ local commissioninq of inverters and take the parameter setting during the plant construction, Growatt provides customers with kinds of local debugging solutions.

1.Screen Setting

For on-grid residential inverters, we provide OLED display for customers to take the touch control.

For storage inverters, it adopts button control to take the local setting from the OLED/LCD or keys on the inverter, installers can choose the grid code, inverter time, running mode or enable/disable some basic functions of inverter, such as export limitation setting or work mode setting for energy storage inverter.

2.Local Debugging Tools

For all on-grid and energy storage inverters, in addition to screen setting on the devices,extra local debugging tools can also be used for commissioning. Growatt provides the USB-WiFi and RS232-WiFi devices to take the local commissioning.

Currently, in order to provide a higher integration solution and simplify the customer stocking process, our new version WiFi datalogger, ShineWiFi-S/X ( version and above),also inteqrate the local commissioning function. ( ombined with Shinephone APP it could be used for any on-grid inverters.

There are three methods for customers to enter the local commissioning tools, shown as the above images: all the users could enter from the login interface or via the ‘Me’ page, as for the installer and distributor, they also can find the tool from the top left corner of the main interface(ike Fig.c).

Then follow the tutorial in the APP, select the debugging tool, take the network configuration and choose the correct inverter series, customers can take the parameters setting easily. (Note that the process of network configuration is slightly different between USB-WiFi and ShineWiFi datalogger, for the details, please refer to their manual)

3. Software Platform for Local Commissioning (ShinePhone APP)

Via ShinePhone APP all Growatt on-grid inverter (single phase, three phase and SPH/SPA inverters) could be found and configured. After choosing the inverter model, you can see the basic information of the inverter. Then as for the commissioning part, the detailed parameters could be set according to local safety standard or project requirements.The following image displays the main functions of the local commissioning.

The Quick Setting and Smart Diagnosis menus are special for istaller to do the comissioning and smart diagnosis on-site. From the Quick Setting page, the installer can find the basic settings such as the grid code selection, communication address, export limitation control and so on, which can help the installer finish the commissioning quickly.

From the Smart Diagnosis page, installer can take some diagnosis after commissioning.For example, using One Click Diagnosis function to see if everything of the installed system is fine; From the scanned I-V/P-V curve to see whether the MPPTs are working well;Via the grid waveform and grid THD, you can check the grid condition; By clicking theAC Cable Impendence, you can get the impendence value of the AC cable. What’s more, the PV isolation status also could be checked here.

4. New ShineTools APP: Dedicate to Local Commissioning

Growatt will launch ShineTools APP soon, which is special APP for installer and O&M staff to take the local commissioninq. The interface design is more reasonable and the guidance is clearer. What’s more, installer can update inverter firmware to the latest version before commissioning.

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