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Difference between GROWATT SPF5000es and spf5000tl

I believe you who pay attention to growatt inverters have such a question when choosing our 5kw inverters, what are the differences between spf5000es, sph5000tl, and spf5000tl and how should you choose them? Below I will give a detailed summary of the differences between these three inverters.


SPF 5000 TL HVM cannot be paralleled
SPF 5000 TL HVM-P can be connected in parallel, up to 6 units.

Both SPF 5000 TL HVM and SPF 5000 TL HVM-P inverters require the installation of backup batteries.When choosing an off-grid inverter, you need to judge whether you need to connect in parallel. The price is different for different functions.


The Growatt SPF 5000 ES is a 230VAC output voltage off grid inverter with a maximum PV input voltage up to 450VDC. It can also work without batteries, saving system investment costs.It can be used as a hybrid inverterbut it cannot supply power to the public grid.

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