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13KW, North Willoughby, Australia

Two MIN 2500-6000TL-X inverters were chosen by a household in North Willoughby for their PV system. Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-X is the most up-to-date PV inverter ideal for residential solar plants.

15KW, Adelaide, Australia

In Adelaide, Australia, 2 units of MIN 5000TL-X, Growatt’s new generation inverters were added to a residential rooftop solar plant installed a decade ago with Growatt’s first generation inverter 5000MTL.

30,000+ systems, 45+MW, iChoosr and VEH Projects

In the Netherlands, Growatt inverters have been installed for over 30,000 PV systems of iChoosr and VEH Projects. The total installed capacity reaches over 45MW.

100,000+ systems, 300+MW, Benelux

In Benelux, Growatt inverters are very popular among households and have been installed in over 100,000 residential PV systems with total capacity reaching over 300MW.

10KW, Foshan, China

In China, Growatt is the No.1 residential inverter brand. Here in Foshan city in Southern China, a household has gone solar and choose Growatt inverter for its rooftop PV system.

1,000+ Solar Homes, Pilot Solar Project in China

Growatt provides solar PV inverters for over 1,000 families at Zhixi Garden located near Longyou city in Eastern China. It’s a pilot project for solar PV application for households.

3.6KW, Medellin, Colombia

At top of this apartment building in Medellin in Colombia, the owner has decided to install a 3.6kW solar plant for his apartment. The PV system uses Growatt’s new generation residential inverter MIN 3600TL-X. In Latin America , MIN 2500-6000TL-X is one of the most popular inverters chosen by households who invest in solar energy.

3.45KW, Tarquinia, Italy

A family in Italy has installed MIN 3600TL-XE for their rooftop solar plant. Electricity bills cut and carbon emissions reduced!

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